Australia girls and South Africa men will soon be seeking to keep their names as groups start their preparations in earnest for its forthcoming HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series 2019.


The boost in playing chances is a part of World Rugby’s commitment to supply greater high quality rivalry under the broader Women’s Plan 2017-25.

The men’s series will be contested 10 rounds from November 2018 on June 2019, beginning in Dubai on 30 November — 1 December.

Rugby sevens created an impressive Olympic Games debut at Rio 2016, using current Nielsen research estimating the French sevens fan-base climbed by over 30 million as a outcome.


In 2018, the entire world show saw massive fan engagement figures using a rise of 60 percent across video views compared with 2017 and brought over 749,800 attendees to events internationally with market outs listed in Hamilton, Cape Town and Hong Kong.

The development trend continues in broadcast watching figures with Nielsen research documenting a 39 percent growth in live broadcast crowds across the men and women’s show, roughly nine million in 2017 to 12.6 million viewers in 2018.

“With live broadcasting crowds rising year on year and record-breaking enthusiast engagement in 2018 across the men’s and women’s championships, the world show continues to capture the creativity around the world.

“As sevens grows off the area, we’re seeing it become more aggressive on the area, evidenced by last year’s men’s and women’s show culminating in scintillating finals in Paris. Since the women’s series expands to six months this season, women’s teams have significantly more aggressive playing opportunities, reaffirming our long-term devotion to the evolution of women’s rugby.”

“With Olympic eligibility online this season we expect that the show is going to be the most exciting and aggressive nonetheless as men’s and women’s teams seem to secure their own place in Tokyo 2020.”

HSBC Group Head of Marketing Leanne Cutts,”We’re proud to have worked together with our spouses World Rugby to encourage the Unbelievable growth of the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series.

“The increase of rugby sevens has been volatile, but it hasn’t yet reached its entire potential. With new teams hard, fresh athletes appearing and new markets adopting rugby sevens, the game is entering an exciting and unpredictable new universe where the chance for expansion is extraordinary.

“We restored our venture for yet other four-years to stay as name spouse of the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series, in addition to getting the Official Banking Partner of World Rugby at a demonstration of our ongoing commitment to assist the sport and its athletes to flourish and expand all around the world. We look ahead to that which should once more be an outstanding 2019 period of the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series.”

Hong Kong will host the hotly contested world show 2020 qualifier championship in which 12 men and women’s teams will compete for the right to make heart status on the 2020 entire collection. The planet series 2020 eligibility tournament consists of non-core teams that have qualified through various regional institution tournaments.

Regional institution tournaments have been hosted in Africa, North America, Asia, Europe, Oceania and South America with every regional championship having an exceptional variety of qualifier placements out there to your world collection 2020 qualifier championship.

The best rated, non-core teams in each regional tournament may even behave as the invitational group for every appropriate world series around, with Mexico linking the activity in the first round of the women’s show in Glendale, USA.

Beaumont additional “The entire world show eligibility tournament is always a highlight of this rugby sevens calendar. We’ve observed non-core teams create a true impact when they comprise about the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series, for example Ireland guy’s carrying home a bronze medal in London Sevens this past year, which shows the powerful thickness of international competitiveness which exists within rugby sevens. We look forward to seeing who’ll earn core status in the 2020 qualifier.”