Kick-off is at 6:40 p.m. ET out of Arrowhead Stadium for its 2019 AFC Championship Game. Kansas City is preferred by three at the newest Chiefs vs. Patriots chances and the total is already bet down from 57 to 56. However, Patrick Mahomesalong with the Chiefs have the house advantage now over Tom Brady along with the Patriots. Before you lock any NFL forecasts, have a look at the best Chiefs vs. Patriots choices from Sports Line’s innovative computer version.


Sports Line’s proprietary computer version travelled 176-80 straight-up last year and conquer over 95% of CBS Sports Office Pool players at 2016 and’17. Additionally, it performed better than 98% of specialists monitored by during this interval. In addition, it moved 48-34 on A-rated picks against the spread last year, and even $100 bettors that have followed it that the previous two seasons have been up almost $4,000.

The version has continued to pinpoint its undisputed selections in 2018-19, entering the championship around to a blistering 16-6 run. For the season, it is currently 30-15 on all top-rated picks, extending its yearlong conduct to some solid 78-49. Additionally, it went 170-84 on straight-up NFL chooses throughout the regular season, standing within the top 10 on Furthermore, it is 7-1 on all contrary to the spread selections from the 2019 NFL playoffs. Whoever has followed its way up.


Now it’s crunched the numbers to get Patriots vs. Chiefs (flow live on fuboTV) and mimicked this epic struggle 10,000 times. We can tell you it is leaning beneath, but in addition, it says one facet of the disperse cashes also over 50% of simulations, which makes it a must-back. You may just get that pick in Sports Line.

The model understands that Justin Houston and Dee Ford were menacing off the border with three joint sacks at Kansas City’s 31-13 win over Andrew Luck along with also the Coltsfinal week, together with Ford also forcing a vital fumble that ceased an Indianapolis comeback dead in its tracks. Brady generally gets the most difficulty if his opponents are creating pressure using four rushers or less.

The Chiefs’ offense ought to have the ability to churn out yardage regardless of what the Kansas City weather forecast requires. They dominated time of possession with a 2-1 margin.

Only because the Chiefs are a dominant home team does not mean they will pay the AFC Championship Game disperse against the Patriots, who have outscored their previous three competitions 103-43.

The model has taken into consideration how ardently the Patriots played against the Chargers from the divisional round. Even though New England was preferred from the game, the Patriots were a trendy choice to become mad following an abysmal regular season.

Brady and Co. left no doubt they were the superior team, jumping into a commanding 38-7 lead before committing to a 41-28 victory, which was not in doubt. The AFC Championship Game marks the very first postseason game because 2014 that New England was recorded as the underdog.