KSI vs Logan Paul was a two-part white-collar amateur piano match between two YouTubers, KSI and Logan Paul, that are British and American, respectively.

The battle has been branded”The Largest Web Event in History”and”The Largest White Collar Boxing Match Ever”

The battle ended in a bulk draw, together with two judges scoring it 57–57 along with another 58–57 in favour of KSI.The second battle was allegedly set to happen in February 2019 within an undetermined United States place, given neither KSI nor Logan Paul select out.However, because of complications, this is not any longer possible. KSI has asked for the next struggle to happen in November 2019.

KSI’s struggle with fellow British YouTuber Joe Weller about 3 February 2018 in the Copper Box Arena at London was a victory, attracting 1.6 million live audiences, 21 million viewpoints within each day, and more than 25 million within the upcoming several days, getting the largest white-collar boxing fight.After KSI won the struggle and has been awarded the YouTube Boxing Championship Belt,he predicted the Paul brothers. He originally contested Logan Paul’s younger brother Jake into fight.Jake Paul was originally the one to battle KSI. But, Jake backed down, allowing his elderly brother Logan step into combat KSI whilst KSI’s younger brother Deji Olatunji (also called ComedyShortsGamer) stepped into combat Jake. Deji didn’t wish to be fighting on the undercard of this struggle, so it had been agreed that the struggle would be promoted using Deji and Jake’s titles being recorded in the mode of a co-main occasion. Both parties signed contracts agreeing to possess two conflicts, one to be held on 25 August 2018 in the Manchester Arena at the United Kingdom, and yet another to be held in February 2019 at america. Initially, Logan and Jake Paul desired any struggle to be held at a neutral place, rather Dubai, United Arab Emirates, however, Logan had made a decision to choose this two-fight plan.

Professional UFC fighter Michael Bisping, who coached KSI before the game, said the struggle was”an insulting mockery” to professional boxing and martial arts, saying,”I find it almost insulting to everyone that has committed their life for becoming a fighter. Come up the hard way, turned into a lifelong fighter or martial artist and these two come from… they are nearly making a mockery of the game of boxing and martial arts”

In a meeting with TMZ on 23 July 2018, KSI confessed his ambitions of turning professional after the struggle saying”I wan na na squeeze every piece of relevancy from him (Logan Paul) then proceed onto my larger target that’s to go pro” Professional boxing promoter Eddie Hearn, in a meeting, has been questioned about registering KSI to a professional contract and then replied”Yeah, I likely would. However, he is not gont struggle for #15,000, he has only fought for #3 million”