2019 Handball Men’s World Championship Live

At January 9 to 27 the 26th edition of the International Handball Federation Men’s World Championship Will take place in Denmark and Germany.

World Handball Championship


In Germany, the contest will occur across all four points of the compass — at the northwest, in Hamburg, at the east, in Berlin, from the west, in Cologne and at the far southwest, in Munich. In Denmark, games will be performed in the Jyske Bank Boxen at Herning and at Copenhagen, in the Royal Arena. The Mercedes-Benz Arena at Berlin has a capacity of 14,800 and will comprise joint hosts Germany playing their Preliminary Round games there, along with their other Group A opponents. Back in Munich, the 12,000-capacity Olympia Halle will comprise games from Preliminary Group B using France, or Croatia (if qualified) enjoying. The 19,250-capacity House of this VELUX EHF FINAL4 — the LANXESS Arena at Cologne, will sponsor Main Round — Group 1 and President’s Cup matches for groups ranked fourth following the Preliminary Round (Places 13-16) Co-host Denmark will even see its funding utilized for the highlight of international men’s handball since the brand new Royal Arena at Copenhagen welcomes Preliminary Round Group D and President’s Cup teams (Places 17-24). 13,700 lovers will welcome Sweden or Norway in the stadium should they qualify. The recognizable Jyske Bank Boxen at Herning, at the Center of Denmark will sponsor Preliminary Round Group C, Main Round Group II along with also the bronze medal and gold medal matches. Already-qualified Denmark will play their games in the 15,000-capacity stadium except for their very first game, which is played in the Royal Arena at Copenhagen.


Preliminary Round (10th Jan-17 Jan)

Group A (all matches in Berlin): Kores, Brazil, Serbia, Germany, Russia, France.

Group B (all matches in Munich): Japan, Bahrain, Iceland, FYR Macedonia, Croatia, Spain.

Group C (all matches in Herning except Denmark’s opener from Chile in Copenhagen): Saudi Arabia, Chile, Tunisia, Austria, Norway, Denmark.

Group D (all matches in Copenhagen): Angola, Argentina, Qatar, Hungary, Sweden, Egypt.

The best three in Groups A and B will proceed through to Group I of the Major around with Group II containing the best three from Groups C and D.

Outcomes between qualified teams will be carried forward to the second phase.

Main Round (January 19th to January 23rd)

Group I (all matches in Cologne): Group A and B top three teams.

Group II (all matches in Herning): Group C and D top three teams.

After every team plays three matches in the primary round, the best two in each group will advance to the semi-finals together with all the remainder contesting classification games.

Semi-finals (January 25th, Hamburg):

Winner of Group I v Winner of Group II

Winner of Group II v Winner of Group I

Seventh location and Fifth place game (January 26th, Herning)

Third place game and Closing (January 27th, Herning)