Bowing to a backlash who had threatened to engulf an blunder-plagued Academy Awards, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on Friday reversed its own decision to present four awards during the commercial breaks of the year’s Oscar broadcast. All of 24 classes will be revealed live, in the end, in the 91st Academy Awards on February 24, the academy announced in a statement.

On Monday, the academy had stated the winning speeches such as cinematography, film editing, makeup and hairstyling and live-action brief would be aired at an shortened, taped section throughout the broadcast.

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“Nine days before the showtime, still tweaking the script” that the Academy tweeted Friday.

The academy didn’t address if the change meant expanding the show’s span, which organizers have stated could be decreased to three months.

The academy’s movement to attack awards against the live broadcast was fiercely contested by a lot of this year’s Oscar nominees, such as Roma director Alfonso Cuaron and BlacKkKlansman filmmaker Spike Lee.

“When the popularity of those accountable for the production of outstanding cinema has been diminished by the institution whose goal it is to safeguard that, then we’re no more upholding the soul of the academy’s guarantee to celebrate movie as a collaborative art form,” the letter read.

After record-low evaluations to last year’s air, the academy has produced a more rapid, three-hour telecast a priority. ABC, which broadcasts the Oscars, will premiere a sneak-peek of a brand new play series following the Oscar telecast, which often ranks as the most-watched non-NFL broadcast of this year.

This is simply the most recent flip-flop from the academy in its own efforts to tweak the Oscars.

The academy’s headaches started after it trotted from the induction of a”popular movie Oscar.” The plan sparked such outrage (Rob Lowe declared the movie industry deceased,”endured by sequels, tent-poles and vertical integration”) the new award was scuttled inside a month.

Kevin Hart was announced as this year’s Oscar host simply to draw days afterwards when many occurred with his older fashioned tweets and the comic originally”decided to pass the apology” Hart finally apologized because he stepped, leaving the Oscars host-less for just the fifth time in its own 91-year history.

And after first likely to restrict the very best song nominee performances, the academy verified that all songs will be performed.

Veteran makeup artist Lois Burwell, who’s about the movie academy’s board of governors, on Friday called the attempts to modify the Oscars that an”evolving process.”

“With whatever creative, you begin in 1 location and then there is the trip to where you wind up,” said Burwell. “And sometimes you need to do things which don’t function so as to learn what does work. So there is always a sort of awkwardness about a person going,’Oh , that was an error ‘ However, a mistake is something that you learn from and build upon.”